Who is eligible to apply?

  • Women only.
  • Minimum final year undergraduate students (graduating in 2023).
  • Open to candidates pursuing ANY educational discipline (arts, sciences, commerce, engineering, etc.).
  • Indian citizens ONLY.

How to apply – important instructions (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

Before proceeding with your application:

        • Keep your one-page resume ready, including academic details and professional experience (if any).
        • Think about your top two accomplishments to date (personal, academic and/or professional) and write them down on a Word document (1 paragraph each). Think about the situation you were in, the task at hand, your specific actions and the outcome/result.
        • Frame your response to the two essays as part of the application process and write them down on a Word document (250-300 words each). Focus on specifics and avoid generic statements:
          • “My life story and my definition of success”: The objective is to understand you and your life story so far. Highlight specific events and/or experiences that shaped you as a person and have had an impact on your life (current and future).
          • “Why am I an ideal candidate for this program”: The objective is to understand:
          • i.   your motivation to be part of this initiative,
            ii.  what you can contribute to the initiative and fellow participants, and
            iii. how this will shape your life going forward
        • After online registration, upload your 1-page CV/resume below

Application process

Application process is in two stages:


2. Upload your 1-page CV/resume below


Selection process

1. Complete applications will be reviewed, and shortlisted applicants will be invited to a video interview.

2. After the video interviews, selected applicants will be offered a place in the initiative.

Please note FINAL SELECTIONS will be on a ROLLING BASIS. This means applications will be reviewed as and when we receive them (and not wait for last date of applications) and interviews too will be conducted on a continuous basis. 

We therefore encourage you to apply as and when you are ready with your applications (and not wait for the last date).

For any queries not addressed through our website, please write to apac.ipart@cfainstitute.org