“I was depressed in college. My family didn’t have confidence in me anymore. I was clueless on what to do next. Young Women in Investment changed everything” – Aashi Garg

Aashi grew up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. As the only girl child in her extended family, Aashi went to school because it was conveniently located in her neighbourhood. It was a Hindi medium school. She started to speak English only in Class XIII, when her tuition teacher refused to teach her unless she could communicate in English. It was an unstated understanding that Aashi, like girls in her community, would get married in her early twenties. Her extended family worried that too much education might make finding a groom difficult.

Aashi had different ideas. Her mother did not have a proper education, without which she was not confident to pursue anything. Aashi was the first from her family, men or women, to move to a new city for her graduation. College was hard for her. By the time she was in her final year, she started doubting herself. She was listless. Her family no longer showed interest in her career aspirations. The marriage question was maybe not far away.

Her selection in the YWI initiative changed everything. Her parents became extremely supportive of her decision to join the program. Her grandfather, the family patriarch, also encouraged her. Aashi regained her confidence at the boot camp. Alongside learning technical skills, she started writing and speaking up again. Aashi was placed for her internship at Deutsche Bank. “Aashi has been particularly impressive”, says her Managing Director at Deutsche Bank.

Aashi’s parents are proud of her. Her family is now confident of her life decisions and goals. Her father now discusses family finances with her. “The YWI initiative made my family support and trust me as much as they trust and support my brothers. That has been the biggest win. I can now pursue my dreams”, says Aashi.